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Harold Osler Periodicals

March 21, 2015: The Project recently received an email from a gentleman in Califorinia inquiring about donating some vintage LGBT St. Louis newspapers and magazines. Harold Osler told us that he had bought several items recently and discovered these St. Louis pieces mixed in. He generously mailed us a "goodie box" this week and we were excited to see it filled with rare issues of Moonstorm (a 1970s era lesbian magazine), Gaylife (a LGBT publicaiton founded in 1978); a rare 1976 Pegasus newsletter (from Columbia, MO), several issues of the Heartland newspaper (a 1990s pub that covered the midwest), a 1972 issue of Darmron (a gay travel guide that features St. Louis area bars), some 1980s beefcake items, and an issue of St. Louis Weekly featuring an interivew with Jim Thomas, founder of St. Louis' Gay News Telegraph. Thanks Harold for thinking of us in St. Louis and your donation.

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