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Suggested Readings

The Project recommends the following works that include information about St. Louis' LGBT history - in both short and long forms.

Works That Address St. Louis LGBT People/Life/Issues/History:

  • Cruise Magazine (Vol. 2. Num. 9)
  • Farm Boys by Will Fellows
  • Gay American History of Johnathan Katz
  • Gay and Lesbian St. Louis by Steven Louis Brawley
  • High Styles by Buddy Walton
  • Homo Sexual Complexion Perverts in St. Louis by Charles Hughes (Alienst and Neurologist, Nov. 1907).
  • Homosexuality III (American Journal of Psychiatry, Feb. 1979)
  • In Her Place by Katharine Corbett
  • Laud Humphreys: by John Galligher, Wayne Brekhus, and David Keys
  • Men in Eden by William Benemann
  • Out of the Closets by Laud Humphreys
  • Reclaiming the Heartland by Karen Lee Osborne and William J. Spurlin
  • Tea Room Trade by Laud Humphreys
  • The Eagle on the Coin by R.V. Cassill
  • The Guild Guide (1973 Edition)
  • The Homosexual in America (Time Magazine, Oct. 31, 1969)
  • The Intersexes by Xavier Mayne/Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson (1906 Privately Printed)
  • The Lavender Baedeker (1966 Edition)
  • The Seed Time for Gay Rights by Rodney Wilson (Gateway Heritage Magazine, Fall 1994)
  • The Story of a Life by Claude Hartland (first autobiography written by a gay man in America)
  • U.S.A. Confidential by Jack Latt and Lee Mortimer

Works Written by LGBT St. Louisans About LGBT Life/Issues/History:

  • A Crystal Diary by Frankie Hucklenbroich (fiction based upon life)
  • Farm Boy, City Girl: From Gene to Miss Gina by Gene Dawson
  • Beyond the Down Low by Keith Boykin
  • Homosexuality in Perspective by William Masters and Virginia Masters
  • The Formation of the 20th Century Queer Autobiographer by Georgia Johnston
  • This is What a Lesbian Looks Like edited by Kris Kleindienst
  • Queer America by Vicki Eaklor



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