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Donate Artifacts

Donate Your Artifacts!The Project is always looking for donations of St. Louis area LGBT related item(s):

  • Documents, Flyers, Photos, Videos & Recordings
  • Newspapers, Magazines & Books
  • T-Shirts, Outfits, Buttons, Posters & Other Artifacts

There are several ways to get your item(s) to the Project:

  • Please fill out this form, and a representative of the Project will contact you.
  • OR email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • OR call us at 314-740-0298

What will happen to my donated item(s):

Your donated item(s) will be made available for public research and display by the St. Louis LGBT History Project. Some item(s) will be archived at the Missouri History Museum, or the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center at UMSL and/or other archival institutions.

The Project also host frequent "Treasure Drives" to make it easy to donate items.

Thank you for contributing to St. Louis' LGBT History.

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