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  • PAWS is founded.
  • Dining Out for Life fundraisers begin (EFA).
  • Tim Cusick is the first openly gay candidate for office in Louis. He loses the primary election for the Missouri House 64th district.
  • James Holobaugh fights the ROTC for taking back its scholarship funds he was using at Washington University because he is gay. They would later rescend their decision.


  • Les Talk and the St. Louis Advisor begin publishing.
  • Saint Louis University's Rainbow Alliance is established.
  • St. Louis International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival begins.
  • ACT UP - St. Louis stages protests in Caseyville, IL against Cracker Barrel.


  • That Uppity Theatre Company is founded.
  • HRC-St. Louis hosts first dinner.
  • Blue Max MC becomes first leather club in St. Louis to admit women.
  • TWISL begins publishing.
  • Demonstrations held at St. Louis' Cathderal Basilica to protest the Catholic church's anti-women, anti-gay stances.
  • Carl Philips publishes first poetry collection.
  • Five people are attacked at the annual Pride event in Forest Park.
  • Urvanshi Vaid, Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, speaks at Washington University.
  • City of St. Louis Alderman passes law that bars discrimination in education, employment, housing, credit and public access based upon physical/mental disability, race, religion, family status, or sexual orientation.


  • Show Me Bears is founded.
  • CHARIS St. Louis Women's Chorus is formed.
  • The St. Louis Chapter of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care is founded.
  • St. Louis sends representatives to the 1993 March on Washington, D.C.
  • MO U.S. Senator Kit Bond votes to confirm lesbian Roberta Auchtenberg, as Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for HUD.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch begins to run columns written by lesbian writer Amy Adams Squire Strongheart.
  • Laura Moore appointed to the City of St. Louis' Civil Rights Commission, the first open LGBT person to be apponted to a city-wide office.
  • Freeman Bosely Jr. becomes the first City of St. Louis Mayor to speak at St. Louis' annual LGBT Pride event.


  • Principia College hosts its first LGBT alumni reunion.
  • In Our Twenties group formed.
  • St. Louis area teacher Rodney Wilson creates the United States' first LGBT History Month with events at Mehlville High School.


  • St. Louis Anti Violence Project begins hotline.
  • SLAM and Pride Pages begin publishing.
  • PROJECT ARK at Washington University begins via Ryan White Title IV funding.
  • The cable TV show "Outlook" begins production at Webster University. 12 shows would air.



  • Band Together formed.
  • City of St. Louis begins domestic partnership registry.
  • GALLIP, Outlook, Lookout, and Gay St. Louis begin publishing.


  • St. Louis Gay Guide Online begins publishing.


  • Missouri becomes the first state to pass a hate crimes bill that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.
  • Anheuser-Busch comes under fire for running pro LGBT ads showing two men holding hands (Be Yourself and Make it a Bud Light).


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