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Memorial List


The St. Louis LGBT History Project's HIV/AIDS Memorial List

The St. Louis LGBT History Project is honored to serve as a community forum to memorialize and celebrate the lives of the many St. Louisans we have lost to HIV/AIDS. Our information is provided from public sources, and from family and friends. It is sadly by no means complete, but an on-going draft. It documents individuals who were either born and/or lived in St. Louis during their lifetime. Please notify the Project of others and to correct spelling errors of any names. If you believe a name has been provided mistakenly, please let us know. Project contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Loving Tribute and in Celebration of the Lives of:


Ralph Allen, Bruce Anderson, David Eugene Ashby, Carl Auten, Richard Baggett, Michael Ballard, Jon Barbier, Johnny Barnes, Jimmy Baumgartner, Steve Beebe, Don Benigus, Brice Benson, Bruce Bequette, Bob Berry, Steve Berry, Doug Biehle, Kelly Blocker, Marcus Bluestein, Robert Bowen, Terry Boyd, Tim Bregger, Michael Broadley, Harold Brodkey, Michael Brown, Prudence Brungard, Grant Brush, Fabian Bunten, Darryl Burt, Don Busch, Larry T. Bushong, Michael Capes, Gerrard Carr, Mike Carroll, Chuck Charleston, Ron Cioli, Phillip M. Coffield, Chris Cole, Jeff Cole, Steve Collier, Matthew A. Cook, John “JC” Cull, David Cumberworth, Michael John Curran, Michael Curry


Bob Davis, Byron Davidson, Tom Degnan, Michael Denton, Daniel Depew, Clay Dippel, Tim Donahue, Charles “Chuck” Driscoll, Michael Edlin, Jay Edgar, Gene Edwards, Rev. Darrell D. Ellsworth, Dale Emerson, Robert Finch, Stefan Fitterman, Randy Foster, Eugene B. Fuchs, Billy Gaddo, Terry Gage, Steve Gallaher, Joe Galle, Richard Gerichten, Gary Glenn, Stephen Graflaga, Kip Grandberg, Horace Virgil Grandberry, Barry Todd Green, Mick Green, Jonathan Greenberg, Stephanie Greer, Patrick Gregory, Tommy Gregory, Claude “Spanky” Guinn, Gil Guzman


Darrell Hall, Ms. Hanney (other name?), Eric Haney, John Carlan Hans, Skye Hanshew (Samantha Syke), Roy Hardester, Jimmy Harrington, Helena DeLisa Henry-Hatch, Fred Hickman, Bart D. Hodges, Clarence Joseph Hoffmeister, Bobbi Holliday, John R. Howze, Clayton Jennings, Lee Jesenik, Robert August Johanningmeier, Gary Johnson, Ron Joiner, Cameron Jones, Che Johnson, Dan Johnson, Chris Jackson, Michael Johnson, Greg Johnston, Michael Jordan, John Karr, T. Brent Katzfey, Tom Kelleman, Marion Gene "Birdman" Keller, Rob Kerg, Michael Kikendall, David King, Michael King, Ken Knight, Richard Kreutz, Ron Kurtenbach, John Lacey, Lonnie Lappie, Steven Laroney, William J. Laube, Jeff Lee, Patrick Leonard, Joel Levy, Chuck Lisitano, Ron Lopez, Bobby Lloyd, Shawn Loyd, Michael Levy, Cecil Love


Gary Mabrey, Brother Richard A. Maraziti, Lucius Brainard "Chip" Marion III, Dennis McConkey, David G. McCormick, Darrell McWhorter, Brian Evan McVey, Tim Miller, F. Earl Millard, Thomas Morgan III, Lani Jo McPherson, Steve Mortimore, Robert Moye, Michael Murphy, Truman J. Muyleart, Ross Nichols, Jonathan Noce, Nick Noudal, Robby Owens, Terry Parnell, Chris Parsons, James Pavia, Tom Peck, Don Price, Duane Puryear, Robert Rayford (first known/documented strain of HIV recorded in the U.S in 1969), Paul Renard, Frank Ring, Forest Roberson, Brett Rodberg, Gary Rose


Shawn Salih, Steve Saputo, Ed Sappington, Charlie Scheib, Steve Schneider, Gene P. Schultz, Val Shamess, Cole Shelton, Ronnie Sites, Michael S. Shower, Johnny Skinner, Lonnie Smith, Robert Smith, Timothy J. Smith, "Ginger Snap" (formal name needed), Richard Springer, Billy Stanton, Jim Statler, Lawrence Joseph Steger, David Stewart, Howard Stewart, Doug Stover, Jeffrey Struckman, David Suddeth, David Andrew Turner Jr., Vince Uelk, Terry Vernon, Eugene Elwood Wagner, Jr., Jimmy Walker (Bette Davis), Gary Warden, Stan Webb, Jerry White, Rodney Wild, Dale Williams, David Williams, John J. Winkler, Jim Wishnuff, Jeff Withrow, Al Wolfington, Bud Young, Steven Young, David Zinc

Please let us know of others to add to this memorial. Thank you.

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