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2012 MGM

michelleJust How Many Years Does it Really Take to Make a Dream Come True?

By Michelle McCausland, Miss Gay Missouri 2012 (

I’m sure that it differs for each one of us, depending on the size of your dream. Some people can get it right away, others wait for many years, others may just give up - and as for me, I waited nearly 30 years for my dream to become a reality! My journey began many years ago with my aspirations of becoming a Broadway star - feeling the floodlights, wearing the greasepaint and hearing the roar of the crowd. I left the small town of Mount Vernon, Illinois and moved to Saint Louis with these hopes and dreams but through those years of theatrical work, my life took a turn to another field of theatre, the art of female impersonation. This is where I found my place and where I could create a character.

That character became “ Michelle McCausland.” Before there was press on nails, internet or even any modern technology there was just plain, simple and outstanding talent in Missouri. I found my place in a community that has thrived through many tough times and I have seen and been a part of some of the best show bars and casts this country has to offer. After 30 years, I am proud to say I am still part of a working show bar and professional show cast that prides themselves on entertainment, professionalism and making sure the audience has that theatrical feel. Along the way I met two of the best performers who early on in life would be my influence and my introduction to The Miss Gay Missouri system, they where Georgia Brown and Zsa Zsa Principle. We were known as a threesome show at Faces and around the state. I started competing in pageantry because you were able to create something out of nothing with just the existence through a song, imagination and the glamour of evening gown - which was the infamous Rick Fortson who always helped me.

So I started competing in (back then) what was the only state title around. I competed and always managed to place in the top five, even having come close enough to be first alternate - so I always knew in my heart this was meant to be. As the years went by, I helped my friends, was in talent numbers, made sets and was always part of the MGMA experience. But there was something inside me that wasn’t complete. I never gave up - just stepped to the side as I watched my friends win. So I thought to myself: I want to be a part of something that has always been inside of me. I want to feel what my friends have felt and I want to be a part of that legacy for myself and the future entertainers. I came back, listened, competed and gave it my all - and at last My Journey now has been completed. I heard my name announced your new Miss Gay Missouri for 2012 is MICHELLE McCAUSLAND! 

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