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  • No Bad News begins to publish.
  • Monte's bar opens.
  • Charlie's Lounge bar closes.
  • St. Louis hosts its first official LGBT Pride (week of activites April 12-20).
  • FACES bar hosts first "Sleaze Ball."
  • A Federal grand jury finds Missouri U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton's niece and her lawyer guilty of trying to extort $220,000 from the Senator by threatening to start a rumor that he was a homosexual.
  • The St. Louis Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights is formed.
  • A Halloween Gayla raises $1,000 for the Gay Hotline.


  • Gay News Telegraph begins publishing on Oct. 6, 1981.
  • William Burroughs returns to his hometown for a book reading at Duff's Restaurant and a book signing at Left Bank Books.
  • The Sweetheart Slave Auction is held.
  • The St. Louis Chapter of the Gay Atheist of America is formed.
  • The Gallery Lounge bar goes from gay to straight.
  • Acropolis bar goes from straight to gay.
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that five people were arrested at the Bowery gay bar for lewd conduct. The paper runs their names and addresses.
  • KMOX-TV airs an interview with Russell McCraw whos says he is reformed and prayed the gay away.
  • Rev. Troy Perry, Founder of MCC, performs services at St. Louis' MCC on Waterman Ave.
  • The St. Louis Chapter of Black and White Men Together is formed.
  • Michael Bauman is named Mr. Club St. Louis.
  • The Gallery of Homo Erotic Art opens as a membership only business.
  • Charles Davis (Lady Charles) dies.
  • Frank Scheuren, President of Dignity, visits St. Louis' Immaculate Conception Church.
  • Male members of IRIS quit the group, with female members accusing them of sexism.


  • Research underway.


  • City Lights bar opens.
  • The first Mr. Missouri Leather contest is held at Martin's bar. Charles Schieb wins the title.
  • A boycott of Tower Grove Bank is called for after accusations the bank led an effort to not renews the liquor liscense of Richard's Bar and Restaurant on Grand.


  • Metropolitan AIDS Foundation formed. Only open for one year.
  • Seven men are arrested for sexual misconduct in Shaw Park in Clayton, Mo in an undercover sting operation. Local press is criticized for publishing the men's names, addresses, and occupations.
  • St. Louis Gender Foundation is formed.
  • First Show Me Classic Lesbian/Gay Bowling Tournament is held in St. Louis.
  • St. Louis is included in a national study focusing on anti-gay violence conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.


  • St. Louis Effort for AIDS (EFA) is founded.
  • Movie star Rock Hudson dies. St. Louis born (and openly out) actor Michael Kearns was the media's go to for interviews about Hudson's death.
  • First St. Louis HIV/AIDS fundraiser is held at Monte's gay bar.
  • Mick's bar opens.
  • Wired Women Productions opens.
  • St. Louis' law prohibiting crossdressing is overturned as a result of a suit brought by popular female impersonator Michael Shreves (Michelle McCausland) after his arrest for violating the law.
  • Privacy Rights Education Project (PREP) formed. Now PROMO.


  • Viewpoint begins publishing.


  • The first formal effort to document and preserve St. Louis' LGBT History begins with an effort by the Community Liasion for Education and Research (CLEAR).
  • Washington University's AIDS Clinical Trial (ACT) Unit opens.
  • AIDS Foundation of St. Louis is founded.
  • Our World Too Bookstore opens.
  • PLUS begins publishing.


  • NAMES Project Metro St. Louis Chapter is formed and the first local display of the AIDS Quilt happens at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park.
  • Show Me Guide begins publishing.
  • Food Outreach founded.
  • Bethany Place opens.
  • KDHX radio (Coming Out of Hiding) and KRJY radio (Lambada Reports) begin LGBT programs.
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on several arrests of men in Forest Park for sexual misconduct.
  • The first AIDS Walk occurs.



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