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Blue Max CC Donation

bluemaxdonationNovember 12, 2013: The Project thanks the Blue Max Cycle Club for the generous donation of archival materials documenting the history of their organization. The materials include meeting minutes, newsletters, special event fliers, membership forms, and applications.

Blue Max Cycle Club is a levi-leather club in St. Louis, Missouri. The club was founded in 1975 by a group led by Jerry Wickham and later reorganized by Bob Garrett. The original home bar was the Red Bull in East St. Louis, Illinois. In 1978 the home bar was the Mine Shaft (downstairs at Faces) followed by Clementines in 1980 and the Outpost (later the upstairs bar was called the St. Louis Eagle) in 1993 (The Outpost/Eagle closed in December 1999 but reopened six months later under new management as the Eagle in Exile.) JJs Clubhouse has been the club's home bar since 2000.

In the early years, Blue Max joined other clubs in holding joint runs. Those clubs included Gateway M.C., Spirits of St. Louis, and Bacchus. In mid-1982, each club began holding individual runs. In 1992, Blue Max became the first St. Louis leather club to admit women. Blue Max has always been committed to charitable causes.

The club has a long history of hosting fundraisers and special collections for school supplies, canned foods, and holiday toys for children of families affected by HIV/AIDS. Learn more at


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